Tractor driver

The present work, executed in 1930, shows a tractor driver in his dungarees and helmet. To ensure that the viewers are clear that this is a tractor driver, there is a small tractor perched on the figure's shoulder. The fact that the driver is pr oud of his work and looking forward to his forthcoming day on the tractor is expressed through his upright posture, as well as his symmetrical features. The Tretyakov Gallery has a version of this sculpture also in bronze, and the Russian Museum, wher e this sculptur e was on loan for 50 years, has one in plaster.




48 cm (high); 19 in.

Meer Aizenstadt
1895 - 1961

Aizenstadt was an influential Soviet sculptor . He was born in Kletsk and before finding his artistic vocation had a troubled youth. He served in the Tsar's army, but was jailed for desertion. Following this experience he roamed around Poland, where the Polish army arrested him during the Polish-Soviet War. In 1926, when he was in his thirties, Meer enrolled at Vkhutemas, the leading Moscow art school and a centre for avant-gar de art. He worked in different genres, but many of his works, including those owned by the Tretyakov Gallery and the Museum of the Revolution, have been lost.