Haymaking near Ryazan

​The Ryazan area where his mother was born and where the Victor Ivanov museum is now located became the main inspiration of his art and the object of a spiritual attachment. It was from this area that he sought inspiration, and all of his most powerful images have their genesis in the village life and the landscape of this

The artist saw in this place the truest merging between man and nature, redemption of a kind, and the preparation for the peace of eternity. He saw the monumental and yet romantic greatness of country work and life. Simple village objects in Ivanov's pictures become meaningful symbols of rural life, measured and at the
same time somehow eternal. Ivanov remarked that "our art was magnificent, we created works which it seemed to us, did not distort reality in any way … This was the Truth of our time and this Truth has always been most important for my art. I believe in realism. It gives us strength, speaks of beauty both physical and moral. Realism is the highest art; history shows nothing to equal it."


Oil on board


85cm x 135cm