Time Out Abu Dhabi Online: Russian art in Abu Dhabi: Art Russe has painstakingly collected and curated the artwork of Russia

Russia’s modern history is as rich and fragmented as it gets. Leo Tolstoy deftly recounted it in his epic novel War and Peace, which followed the lives of five aristocratic families through the times of the tsars to the arrival of Soviet Russia.

Just as Russian authors captured this tumultuous time masterfully with words, painters were creating a visual record that is considered by art critics to have been second to none.

However, the long periods of war and chaos did little to preserve the artistic record and much of those centuries of artwork were destroyed, lost or pilfered by vanquishing powers.

One exhibition reveals the artistic life behind Russia’s Iron Curtain. Art Russe presents ‘Art Russe Collection of 20th Century Russian and Soviet Art: War and Peace’, which is the first major exhibition of 20th century Russian and Soviet art that has come to the UAE and will be exhibited until December 10 at Emirates Palace.

Art Russe dedicates itself to painstakingly collecting and curating as much of that period’s artwork as it can gather and now you can take a tour of Russian history via this handsome exhibition.

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