The unique collection of paintings of the Valaam Monastery has expanded with another work dedicated to the life of the monastery. Helpers. Golden Autumn at the Konevski Monastery, a painting by Yuri Krotov from the collection of the Art Russe Foundation, was handed over to Bishop Pankratiy, the abbot of the Valaam Monastery, by the head of Art Russe Andrey Filatov during the opening of the exhibition “Valaam: 200 years in Russian Painting” at the State Russian Museum.

Dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the revival of the Valaam Monastery, the exhibition has reunited for the first time the miraculously preserved highly valuable collection of paintings from the New Valaam Monastery in Finland, and works from the Valaam Monastery in Russia. A total of more than 70 paintings are on display, including works on the Valaam theme from the State Russian Museum and private collections, including Art Russe. The unique project of the Russian Museum provides an opportunity to explore the historical process of the artistic life of “the Northern Athos” as a holistic phenomenon.

The Island of Valaam, a unique natural monument and an inexhaustible source of the Orthodox faith, has long been known as an ideal place for creative development of artists. Many of them underwent mandatory practical training in drawing from nature on Valaam, often more than once. I. Shishkin, A. Kuindzhi, F. Vasiliev, M. Klodt and A. Gine were among Russian painters who took creative trips to the monastery.

The painting of the Moscow-based artist Yuri Krotov, donated to the Valaam Monastery, was painted during a creative trip to Valaam in 2014-2017. After the closing of the exhibition the painting will become part of the collection of the monastery.

Yuri Krotov. Helpers. Golden Autumn at the Konevski Monastery. 2015. Oil on canvas, 160x90.


Led by entrepreneur and philanthropist Andrey Filatov, ART RUSSE was founded in 2012 with the aim of developing a greater awareness and understanding of Soviet and Russian cultural contributions. In particular it focuses on collecting and increasing international awareness of Russian art dating mainly from the period 1917 – 1991. The aim of ART RUSSE is to increase appreciation for this art period through supporting exhibitions, lending to international museums and galleries, and publishing books and catalogues on key artists and artefacts.

For his contribution to international cooperation in the field of culture and efforts to preserve historical heritage, ART RUSSE founder Andrei Filatov was presented with an award from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the title of the Chevalier of the Order of the Legion of Honor (France).